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Default Re: Lennox Lewis v Muhammad Ali

Originally Posted by Senya13
Anyone can see both fights were a fix. Where are any signs of injured shoulder in the 1st fight during the rounds prior to his retirement?
Of freakin course there was no shoulder injury man. Liston after seeing he could not even touch a BLIND Ali (explain that if it's a fix), it was a mere excuse so he could get out of the fight and not have to sustain even more of a beating. Look at Liston's face after the fight dude, does that look like a guy who was supposed to take a dive? Who would let themselves get their ass whooped for 6 rounds, blind the guy he was supposed to lose to (and try to knock him out while he is blinded), and then just quit because that's what the 'script' said. Nobody in a fixed fight would put themselves through that. Besides that it makes absolutley no sense. Your wrong here.

Watch the film again before making claims about Lewis being as slow as Liston. Liston was plodding forward slowly most of the time, behind the jab. Lewis is at least twice faster on feet and hands. Foreman with his looping punches which anyone can see 5 secs before he throws them, and has enough time to go pour himself a cup of coffee while he is throwing them, still had Ali out on his feet a couple of times. Lewis wasn't as slow and as predictable and as inaccurate with his punches as was Foreman. They are not even comparable.
I wasn't saying that he was. I was saying that Foreman, who hit much harder than Lewis, hit Ali with his best shots and Ali withstood them. Now if wrecking ball shots like Foreman's arent going to crack Ali's armor, then the 3 or 4 right hands Lewis would be able to throw are a round aren't either.
And I still disagree even IF Lewis is faster, it's not by much, certainly not enough to make a difference.

Lewis might be ponderous when he has something in front of him that he sees as a danger. He has nothing to be afraid of a slapper like Ali. Unlike in fixed fights with Liston, with Lewis he won't be able to run with both hands held low, as the very first time he does that, Lewis leaps forward and flattens him on his back for the full count. Ali's lack of defense and lack of punching power is all wrong against someone like Lewis.
You're basically throwing out random comments without any references. Lewis never faced anyone like Ali. Never faced a fast or slick guy, outside of Holyfield who fought more of an inside battle vs Lewis.
So how are you so sure that he wouldn't be a threat. Anyone with hands as fast as Ali is a threat. Through fatigue or not, Ali was the only man to ever stop Formman, who's chin was just a little bit better than Lewis's . Also I believe he was the only man to stop Bonevena, somthing Frazier couldn't do in 25 rounds of boxing. Not bad for a slapper eh? or are these fights fixed to I wonder?

On that note Lewis's chin isn't exactly made of the highest quality material my friend. McCall and Rahman weren't even known as punchers untill they dented ol' Lewis chin. Ali might not have been able to pack as quite a powerful punch as those 2 in one whallop, but it would be the better tecnique, speed, and volume that would do it.

I don't really see where you are going with this because the proofs all there. Ali dances circles around the Big Brit in a boring 15 round UD.
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