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Default Re: Lennox Lewis v Muhammad Ali

Originally Posted by Smokin'Joe
Liston after seeing he could not even touch a BLIND Ali (explain that if it's a fix),
That's the point. Someone like Liston couldn't put to sleep a virtually blind person? As Stanislavskiy said "I don't believe it". Or, quoting you:
it makes absolutley no sense.
I was saying that Foreman, who hit much harder than Lewis,
Foreman's punches were heavier, but they weren't harder, if you know what I mean. Foreman scored very few one-punch knockdowns or knockouts. He couldn't convert his raw power into power of impact properly, not enough handspeed/accuracy/timing.

hit Ali with his best shots and Ali withstood them.
Very few of his punches to the head actually land, and those that did, were softened/amortized.

Now if wrecking ball shots like Foreman's arent going to crack Ali's armor, then the 3 or 4 right hands Lewis would be able to throw are a round aren't either.
There offense was completely different. Lewis wasn't trying to just hurt you, wear you down, he tried to score effectively, inflict as much damage as he could with as few power punches as possible, he was a boxer-puncher more than a slugger/power-puncher young Foreman was.

And I still disagree even IF Lewis is faster, it's not by much, certainly not enough to make a difference.
The difference is clear on film. I have almost complete Lewis career (only one fight missing; plus several his amateur fights) and over a dozen of Liston fights, it's clear as daylight Lewis was considerably faster with hands and on feet.

So how are you so sure that he wouldn't be a threat. Anyone with hands as fast as Ali is a threat.
How many punches did Ali need to knock people down or out? How many clean knockouts did he score with 1 or 2-3 punches? How many times he was unable to rid of opponents at all or it took him a lot of rounds and a lot of punishment to stop his opponents, who were not known for having a solid chin?

Through fatigue or not, Ali was the only man to ever stop Formman, who's chin was just a little bit better than Lewis's.
Ali landed several tens of clean hooks and crosses to Foreman's chin, George just kept going forward. Only after Foreman punched himself out, Ali was able to put him down.

Also I believe he was the only man to stop Bonevena, somthing Frazier couldn't do in 25 rounds of boxing.
Frazier was a swarmer, also with heavy, but not very hard punch. How many 1 or 2-3 punch knockdowns or knockouts can you remember from Frazier? Not counting the examples, where he previously wore the opponent down with bunches of punches.

Ali might not have been able to pack as quite a powerful punch as those 2 in one whallop, but it would be the better tecnique, speed, and volume that would do it.
Sorry, but Ali had tens of times to showcase such ability, but failed miserably.

Ali dances circles around the Big Brit in a boring 15 round UD.
Lewis exploits Ali's flawed defense, like several other fighters did, who were much inferior to Lewis in both skills and power, and puts him to sleep.
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