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Default Re: K2 and the contracts offered to various fighters......

Originally Posted by rayhogan View Post
Boxingfan1 is really re****ed to say the least. Lesson here moron. Most of those fighters haven't really proving they are very good in the heavyweight division lol. Lewis is the only one that is proving he's a legend. If all this stuff about slave excuse contracts then fighters like Barrett, Sanders, Peter, Williams, Johnson, Hide, Donald, Chambers, Rahman and way way way way more fighters that both Klits face wouldn't even face them but i guess they didn't think it was a slave contracts. Sure Bryd did but what has he done before he fought Vitali? If i read right didn't Lewis said that Klits former promoter lied to them? How come Brewster didn't fought Vitali after he ko Wlad? hmmmm weird.
You're powers of debate are ****ing useless as always.
Seriously, compare the names you just put up to the 11 I put up.

Oh and how do you know they didn't have a problem? Did you even read the Chris Byrd link? Obviously not, if you can't be ****d reading my input just **** off.
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