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Default Re: K2 and the contracts offered to various fighters......

Originally Posted by BoxingFanNo1 View Post
Chisora's odds are irrelevant. He should only have to face Wlad in a rematch and if he wins that have a fight of his choosing, an easy payday, on his terms, and it should be Vitali who works his way into a mandatory shot if he wants to unify. As it stands Chisora is dictated to for 3 fights even if he's the Heavyweight Champion. That means less than he should be entitled to, forced to continue fighting in Germany and a fight attached to a fighter disconected from Wlad, that's ****ing crazy.
The odds are entirely relevant. Only people who are bad at maths or who get suckered by dodgy statistics think otherwise.

If it is never going to happen, then what is the point of *****ing about it?

So, I ask you again. What do you think the odds are of Chisora beating Wlad twice?
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