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Default Re: K2 and the contracts offered to various fighters......

Originally Posted by Jack View Post
BoxingFan, Briggs was always very critical of the contracts offered whilst champion too.
Cheers Jack

GM: You were originally going to challenge the IBF Champion, Wladimir Klitschko. Why did that fight fall apart?
Shelly Finkel and Wladimir Klitschko @$#@$#ed me. In my opinion, Shelly Finkel is a scumbag, and itís guys like him that ruin boxing. People always talk about Don King and he gets the bad publicity, but what about guys like Finkel and all of these other promoters and so called managers, that donít get the bad publicity. Don gets the bad press because he is a black promoter and is the most successful, but these guys are then thousand times worse than Don King.

GM: Do you think that Wladimir Klitschko avoids the bigger punchers because of his questionable chin?

Yeah. He has a china-chin and he knows it, and he stays away from guys that can punch. Heís an excellent boxer. Heís a terrific offensive fighter, but defensively and mentally, heís not there. Heís not as mentally tough as even his brother, and he avoided me. They led me to believe for months that the fight was going to happen. I turned down three championship fights and possibly two HBO dates that were offered to me to fight Wladimir. The contract that they sent me to fight Wlad was so thick and had so much red tape that it would have put me into slavery. It was basically given to me that way just so I would have so much to go through, in my opinion, so they could find out who won between Rahman and Maskaev.
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