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Default Re: K2 and the contracts offered to various fighters......

People shouldn't excuse this. I know the usual response is "they would have a career high payday" but it doesn't make the deal fair. Plenty of guys who challenge for a title are given their career high payday but it's still a fair deal. I don't know of ANY fighters who have been associated with low balling so often and what about these three fight deals? Has there ever been a more unfair deal? Specifically, I have never, ever heard of a more unfair deal in all of boxing, than the one David Haye actually accepted.

The people defending them: Can you name any boxer who low balled so many fighters? And can you give specific examples of more unfair, biased deals than the ones we know the Klitschko's have offered?

When the Klitschko's talk about having every title in the family, maybe this is why? Maybe they want to create a monopoly on the division where they can dictate how much a fighter earns, if they want a shot. They know that if a fighter wants to be a world champion, they have to go through both Klitschko's or Haye, so if they get Haye out of the equation, they can offer guys awful money and, if they want a title shot, they have to accept. They can insist on poor money and a four fight deal, where both brothers must be fought twice and what can the opponent say? Nothing.
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