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Default Re: Rate the Chances of these European Heavies

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post
Here's the thing. None of young guns have beaten a top 10 heavy, so it is difficult to tell who is the best among Pulev, Helenius, or Glazkov.

I do think Pulev has much better speed, and better athleticism and skills in comparison to Helenius. Pulev at 6'4" 1/2 is a big man too. Helenius is a little stiff, but my guess hits harder and take the better punch in comparison to Pulev. Glalzkov is only 6'3", but I think he takes the best punch of the three, hits a little harder than Pulev, and is quicker than Helenius. As an Amateur, Glazkov was the highest rated of the three. Who is the best man? Hard to say for now!

I don't think Pulev, Helenius, or Glazkov are going to be aces capable of trumping the deck, but each of them has the potential to become a king once the Klitschko's are gone.
Just curious what you base that on? I can't remember seeing Pulev bothered or hurt?
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