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Default Re: Rate the Chances of these European Heavies

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
Just curious what you base that on? I can't remember seeing Pulev bothered or hurt?

What do I base this on? Experience on watching boxing for 30+ years. As we know in the heavyweight division the ability to take a punch is paramount. I watch how guys react when they are hit, and if they change tactics once they are hit.

Did you see Pulev vs. Timurziev? Pulev was almost out. Iím not saying Pulev has a glass jaw. Far from it! Itís just he doesnít react as well as Glazkov does when he gets hit. When Pulev gets hit, I think it bothers him a tad, and forces him to changes tactics. Pulev is not the type to trade bombs with an equally skilled opponent. Glazkov can and will.

I have seen Glazkov take hard shots from Camarelle without flinching or changing tactics. That is the sign of a man with a top level chin and confidence in his ability to take it. In my opinion Cammarelle is a better knock out puncher than Timurziev was. I hope that explains my thinking.

It should be noted that Glazkov was competitive with Cammarelle, even though Cammarelle had a huge edge on experience. Cammarelle was far and away the best amateur super heavy since Povetkin retired. Itís a pity Cammarelle wonít turn pro. He had the good to be something special, but I get the hunch he lacks some toughness. Glazkov has added muscle the right way since he has turned professional. In my opinion he will prove to be a serious contender in the division.
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