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Default Re: =(Staying game after a Hard Body Punch,PLEASE HELP

Originally Posted by BlaccRoccy View Post
Lets say your sparring and your doing extremly well your landing jabs combinations and dodgen alotta punches(basically if it was a match instead of sparring you would be dominating by points)aneways so everythings goin good the 1st 2 rounds and then the third round you get a hard body blow and get dropped you get back up after but my question to everybody IS (How do you stay focused and keep your head in da game after a crushing bodyblow like dat the type datz so hard it makes some people quit boxing? Any advice is GREATLY APPRIECITED THANX

Though I highley doubt the domination part of what your saying simply becuase in sparring your both supposed to work together, meaning he is going light on you so if your "upping your game" you cant really call that domination maybe he is allowing you to so he can work on something to add to his ****nal.


I agree with part of what the first person said, that is where the mental part of this game comes up, Bring out that poker face when you get up... This will make him think you may have recovered a bit from that shot rather than allowing him to think he has got you where he wants you...

once you get up, get back to quick boxing, meaning get on them feet and get your jab going do not for one second allow him to think your fazed at all by that shot, (even if your hurt than a mother ****er dont let him know that) any little clue you give him means bad things for you....

if you know how to relax catch your breathe and get the **** out of the way and know how to get the **** out of the way when your hurt.... you will be okay... if your stupid enough to try and pay him back my hats off to ya, you have ***** kid, but they will be the death of ya~
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