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Default Re: Rate the Chances of these European Heavies

Pulev - Think he's overrated to be honest. I appreciate him fighting good competition early but his footwork is a joke. He really doesn't move at all well. I don't think he has a great work-rate, and his power while good is going to get less and less against better competition and I think his lack of work-rate and footwork will make him easily outboxed. Imagine him against somebody like Eddie Chambers, not a good look. 6/10.

Glazkov - I rate this guy as a prospect. Because he's athletic and coordinated, he really moves quite nicely, puts combinations together well, not great power but makes up with it with work-rate and decent speed. Yep, think he's decent and has a chance long-term. 7.5/10.

Boytsov - I consider him further progressed. I don't think he's got a great chance against any of the current champions but he's one of the best prospects to pick up a title down the road if he can steer clear of injuries. He was more of a pressure fighter coming up but now he's more of a boxer puncher. I notice he's very very accurate with his punching, well drilled and is probably the most heavy handed on this list. Size is a bit of a concern but oh well. 8/10.

David Price - Fought truely awful comp of the Latvian cabdriver variety so its hard to judge him. I don't think he uses his size too well and mixes it up in close too much which with his chin from the amateur days is not a good sign. Needs to watch the Klitschko's and learn how to use his size better and to commit to his jab a lot more. 4/10.

Abusamalaov - What's with his conditioning? He's in poor shape and it reflects on his speed. I also think he looks very crude at times compared to the above prospects. Seems very heavy handed but to me he's not in championship fighting condition and I find it tough to rate him accordingly. 5/10 possibly rising to 6/10 if he improves his conditioning somewhat.

Helenius - Never rated him as much as I've wanted to buy into the 'Nordic Nightmare'. Very upright, looks like an oak tree and I wouldn't say he's very athletic or co-ordinated like some big men but he is decently schooled and has a dig. But then again he keeps getting the job done so maybe I should reevaluate. I'm going to rate him somewhere between Pulev who I think he could outbox and Glazkov who I think may be too mobile for him. 6.5/10.

Pianeta - Basically the Arthur Abraham of the heavyweights. Huge guy but doesn't really impose himself on a fight, he more or less waits for his opportunities. Too easily outworked against decent operators, won't make it further than his current level. 4/10.

Fury - Impressive handspeed for his size, decent offense. Terrible defence though (yet decent chin) and hasn't learnt the inside game. Not the most co-ordinated, punched himself and looks like he's off balance a lot. I think he's got some raw talent but needs a hell of a lot of polishing and also I don't rate his power at all. 4/10.
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