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Default Wisdom teeth and punch resistsance...dumb question, sorry...

Sorry if this is asinine or common-sense...

I just had all four wisdom teeth removed this morning (a week before turning 28...they recommended doing it ASAP because apparently trying to remove them in your thirties if they get impacted gets very difficult due to the gradual lifelong hardening of the bones, and runs the risk of leaving you permanently facially deformed the longer you wait) - two of them slightly impacted.

I always took a hell of a punch, or any other blunt force trauma to the head (doors, walls, even cement stairs all just sort of bounced me away with at the most a quick white flash and some dizziness...never full consciousness loss in my life).

If my plans to get back into boxing and hopefully compete shake out, will my punch resistance be considerably reduced now, compared to if I'd gotten my start years ago like the original plan was?

It seems to me like it is a lot less dense mass in the jaw area, so it would almost have to have some sort of impact on how well you take a blow.

Is that even a factor in why much younger fighters (late teens and early twenties) take a bit of a better shot, or am I just barking up the wrong tree here?

I've got a lot of regrets as it is about procrastinating my ring dreams for so long...knowing that not only my athletic prime but my good "chin" years may have been squandered would just be one extra dash of bitterness...especially if I wind up now getting put to sleep by jabs.
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