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Default Re: Big Daddy's Boxing Log - The making of a legend.


Worked out at Spears Amateur Boxing in Cincinnati.

My daughter and I went over to check the place out and had a good workout. Over the course of an hour we worked the Heavybag, showing her the 1+2. I practiced the 1+2 with her.

Tried showing her the Hook, but she wasn't getting it. Her 2 needs work. She's dropping the right hand and throwing an arm punch; no hip rotation. Her jab is coming along, but she chicken wings it sometimes, especially when she is tired.

We worked the DEB, same punches. I worked the speed bag. They had smaller, faster bags than what I have at home. I think I'm ready to step up to a faster bag. I was able to work it just fine on the rickety platform they have there.

Finally, I got into the ring and did some focus mitts with Coach Spears. He had me working on some awkward step-jab+2. It looked horrible. Darby taped it, and the video is here.

He said "I'm going to show you how to hit HARD." I guess those punches were hard, but they were telegraphed to hell and back. Also, the footwork gets you out of position and feels awful.

Everyone who has seen the video said he had no idea what he was doing. I checked him out but could find no pro record for him. Not sure where he got his experience, but he has a nice facility. Family atmosphere.

My daughter liked it.

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