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Default Re: =(Staying game after a Hard Body Punch,PLEASE HELP

Originally Posted by BlaccRoccy View Post

it was the harder punch i ever got in my life what made it worse is i wasnt expectin it---it hurt like crazy felt like 20 sledgehammers to the stomach at the same time but when i got dropped my coach told me to get the fxxx up dea was 35 seconds left in da 3rd round i got bacc up and blaccedout(aka went on autopilot) i and got the kid in da corner(the wierd thing doe it wasnt the ordinary type of blacc out when your throwing wide punches and stuff ---it was like i was very angry i couldent feel punches but it was a controled angry like i was so focused and i was seeing openings and piccing shots) i was catchen him like crazy and his shots dat landed didnt phase me after dat he trew body punches even harder den da one dat dropped me but i didnt fall again i juss continued with this flurry of newfound skill will and controled rage to the round was over) =( can someone please give me and explanation of what happened to me in the last 35 seconds of round 3????????

adrenaline mate

your heart was probably doing 200 a minute

bet you felt sick and washed out once you got your breath back after the fight right ?
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