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Default Re: Jack Dempsey Vs. A black 120 pound Crack head who never boxed

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
Dempsey's technique was superb. So many subtle skills and feints, and he was fast, agile and powerful.

Too many people here think they are experts but they expose themselves as fools.

CLUE : If Dempsey looks like a wild primitive bar room brawler to you, maybe it's because you're an ignorant simpleton with only a rudimentary grasp of boxing.

I laugh at some of these guys who think an obvious peek-a-boo "high guard" is some hallmark of superior technique.
i see your point (a tad harsh!) but measuring technique is a very tough thing and is not a science. there are very few fighters that have nearly flawless technique in an objective sense (finito lopez, srr, harold johnson) and for the rest, there are flaws of varying degrees. for fighters of dempseys era, whose styles were SO different from the modern era it's hard to distinguish what is a result of the era they fought and what is poor technique
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