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Default Re: Ingemar Johansson was not knocked out cold by Brian London

I agree that Johansson has a bit better accomplishments overall.

I think Byrd is at least as good a win as Machen, although Johansson beat Machen worse than Ibeabuchi beat Byrd.
Patterson is also a better win than Tua, but again, in the end, Johansson lost the series with Patterson.

Johanssons resume outside of the 2 biggest wins certainly is more impressive than Ibeabuchi's outside of his 2 biggest wins. I read on the general forum a year ago that Ibeabuchi had some struggles with Marion Wilson, the indestructible journeyman. I don't know how much merit there is to that claim as i've never seen the fight, but it certainly doesn't make Ibeabuchi's case stronger.
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