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Default Re: Klitschko's In Touch With Tyson Fury!

Originally Posted by TommyV View Post
Since when has losing weight, being 11-0 against tomato cans and journeyman and taking somebody 9 rounds and not being knocked down been a qualifier for a title shot?

Listen to me, closely. WELLIVER HAS BEATEN NOBODY EVEN IN THE TOP 50. He has done nothing on that basis to deserve a shot. At least Chisora has established himself on a stronger domestic scene than the Oceanic one, which by the way, Welliver hasn't even established himself as the #1 in.

Chisora would beat Welliver comfortable should they ever meet, so how exactly does Welliver deserve a shot over Chisora?
Chauncy is in line for the WBC Crown and the WBO Crown. You know the rankings that determine who fights for the titles??? When a fighter gets serious about title shots, they win minor titles and pay all of the sanctioning fees for those titles. Welliver defends multiple belts on opposite ends of the world and fights about every other month. Chisora was rated for 1 month after ***ton, Briggs needed a special ranking, Toney was denied a special ranking, that is how title shots work.

Only serious boxing teams are in line for the title shots. Team Welliver is Serious! Eliminators or Title fights in 2011....if not Dec. 2010.

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