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Default Re: Klitschko's In Touch With Tyson Fury!

Originally Posted by The MesserStick View Post
He has tried to fight David Tua to be NZ #1 and they are both Top 10. He has tried to fight Kali Meehan as well. They both had quicker routes or chose opposition they thought they would look better against. Welliver even won the interim WBO asia pacific title....David Tuas title....amd he has defended it twice waiting for a shot. He earned that in the ring. Activity is key, he keeps beating guys every other month until he gets a big fish.
Listen carefully MesserDipStick. You know why Tua and Meehan don't want a fight with Welliver? Because he brings nothing to the table, title or ranking wise, which you said is supposedly the key to a title shot (which you're wrong about). They know Welliver has never beaten a Top 50 fighter, never. Beating up on a fat feather fisted guy with a record padded with Z-level bums does nothing for them.

Tua bought his rating, anyone can figure that out, but the guy got his ass kicked by Monte Barrett last time out and deserved the loss. I'm not sure he'll win a rematch either if it goes down as talked about. Tua is old and irrelevant in the HW scene.

Meehan didn't take a quick route, he won an eliminator for the WBA belt, and then the WBA screwed him and made him wait 2+ years, then made him fight another eliminator against Chagaev, instead of giving him his shot against Valuev. Meehan is old and irrelevant now also.

Calling out old-past it guys like Meehan and Tua who both lost last time out is not the way to a title shot. Fighting bums in Montana and NZ and white trash suburbs in Michigan and defending some regional trinket is not impressive, and also not the way to deserving a title shot.

And please don't go on about Welliver "taking" Solis into the 9th round. He lost every minute of that fight and Solis was too fat and lazy to take him out sooner. The ref saved Welliver from leaving on a stretcher also that night, you should be thankful of that. I know the excuses, he took the fight on 2 weeks notice, he wasn't in shape (poor excuse for a professional fighter), he wants a rematch...bla bla bla....spare me. He faced a rated guy in terrible shape and got his ass kicked, so he's back to facing nobodies in Idaho and Missouri, good for him.

Time for him and his garage band manager Whatshisname and trainer Joe Blow to step up the competition and face someone at least C-class, maybe someone dare I say in the top 50, don't get too ambitious though. Quality, not quantity is the key here.

I'm not saying Chisora or Fury deserve shots at this point either, but they've faced better competition arguably in their short careers, and they're in a market that generates far more money and interest than what Welliver could bring to the table.

Bottom line, he doesn't deserve a shot, he'd be totally outclassed and embarrassed by any belt holder, he stands no chance of winning a world title and you should really stop going on about your big buddy, it's just silly.

P.S - Tua is the WBO Asia Pacific title holder. Welliver is the interim. It's not the same, and it means ****. Anyone intelligent knows it's just the WBO's way to make money off of sanctioning fees and apply artificial ratings to undeserving fighters.
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