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Default Re: Marquez vs katsidis promo!

To win Kats needs to back JMM up against the ropes like Juan Diaz was doing through the first few rounds of their first fight where he had success. Now the key here is in not letting up, Kats might not throw as much as Diaz but he certainly hits harder and I'd say he has more ring IQ than Diaz. Therefore Kats is going to have to find multiple shots that work for him, JMM is one of the most intelligent fighters out there and even if Kats finds something there's no guarantee it will last more than a few rounds.

Michael will have to be prepared to be countered and take a few to get his own shots off BUT if age and wars of past have caught up with JMM I can see Kats landing the blow that at this moment in his career JMM can't get up from.

There is every chance JMM could roll back the years and put on a masterclass in counterpunching and stop Katsidis in around 9-10 rounds. Normally I'd call this a 60-40 fight in favour of Marquez at this stage in their careers but due to the death of Katsidis brother and the inspiration he will give Mike I bring it up to 55-45. Kats will not lose unless Marquez knocks him out, he will go out on his shield trying to stop him rather than lose on the cards.

Marquez is going to have to walk through hell to win. Can he do it? Yes. Will he? None of us know! The only thing is there ain't no other place in the world a boxing fan wants to be other than watching this fight on Nov 27th. Two Warriors and FOTY potential all over it. Damn I wish we had fights like this all the time.
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