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Default Re: Henderson vs. Rampage

I tell you what, Nobuyuki Sakakibara must feel like complete **** at the moment.
He probably sold PRIDE in good faith thinking it will be kept alive in its then current state, the Ferttitas said so much bull**** at that conference about how they respected PRIDE and loved it and will keep it alive for the Japenese fans.......then gutted it of all talentand installing ***** unified rules.

The unfied rules system is very slowly starting to take away the entire reason why, vale tudo/ufc was created.

I mean christ! it doesn't have to be like early UFC's but no knees or kicks to the head on a grounded opponent?
What will they ban next?
Are they going to ban punching opponents on the ground? Elbows? kicks to the head?

Will it become essentially boxing+grappling and move futher and further away from what MMA is really all about!
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