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Default Re: Floyd fears Pac !

Originally Posted by cuchulain View Post
And Duran, too



All ATGs.

I haven't heard of ANY ATGs who see Pac as being the stumbling block here.

Floyd fears Pac.

And now, Another ATG has added his name to the foregoing list of greats who recognize that Floyd wants no part of Pac, and is praying fervently that Margarito will remove this threat to his zero.

“So why does Floyd Mayweather let Manny Pacquiao go take that chance with [Antonio] Margarito? If [Pacquiao] loses, whether through a fault, whether it’s a headbutt, that ruins this big fight. So if you really thought you could beat him, would you allow him to do this?”

His message to Floyd continued: “You talked yourself into this too. You’re claiming to be the best fighter pound-for-pound. Now that the man agreed to take a blood test, you’re still messing around. So do you really think you can win?”

Roy delivered his verdict on the matter. “I’m starting to think he don’t. Because if he did he wouldn’t let this [Margarito fight] happen. I was thinking Mayweather was the better fighter to begin with and I still think he’s the better fighter,” Roy revealed. “But I don’t think that he believes he can win.

Roy Jones Junior.

In this matter, Roy is correct on both points.

Floyd fears Pac.
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