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Default Training overhaul

This will be a good resource for me to monitor how much/little I need to do to maintain a good level of fitness. Body comp and health are the important things for me now that I don't compete in anything.

I'm 38 and 83 kg and mainly interested in remaining injury free. I might search out a 5 k race some time next year, with a view to running a decent time with an emphasis on quality work-10 x 400 m intervals with 1 min rest inbetween intervals etc. rather than endless cardio. I spent the 1990s running 10ks and half-marathons and there is no way on earth I'd ever jog again. I was always weak, ill and injured. Then I went weights crazy 2000-2005 and since then it's been more a bit of everything: lots of boxing, little bits of grappling, loads of football etc.

Starting from now I'm going to do lots of non-impact stuff (got loads of lakes and sun round here so can get out on the kayak a few times a week and up in the mountains hunting/hiking with the dogs and other active but not intense stuff like that). In addition I'll do a couple of short, intense workouts a week. Talking of which I did my favourite burpees workout a few days back, so that'll be my first entry:

At the beginning of a minute bang out 10 burpees and then rest for the remainder of the minute...and repeat...and repeat...keep going until you can't anymore. I love this workout because it's not about hitting a time or a number of reps, rather it's about not giving in. True mental resolve. When I started doing them last year I usually was dying at the ten minute mark, now I'm up to 25 mins(250 burpees in total) although I just did 21 mins the other day as I wasn't wanting to kill myself. I find the approx 35 secs of recovery in each minute means I don't suffer DOMS at all and I've never injured myself with this protocol.

So, Day 1: Above burpees session: 21 mins.

Since then I've done some leisurely cycling and walked the dogs between 1-2 hours everyday.

Yesterday was another burpees day, this time Tabatas: my reps were 10, 10, 9,9,9,9,9,9. It wasn't a true Tabata really because beginning in the 3rd set I was content to just make 9 reps rather than going hell-for-leather to get the 10th rep. Still, it was a **** of a session ( 3 mins of hell because from the 3rd set onwards it's not pleasant).

Total time training: 25 minutes this week.
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