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Default Re: Training overhaul

Today I headed out to do some mountain running. After a warm-up of a few mins jogging I did 1 minute of hard-running (it's a legit. mountain not a gentle hill) followed by 1 min of walking recovery. I did it 6 times, then got my breath back and did 4 x 30 secs sprints, also with 1 min recovery.

That's all, but it was intense enough. After many years without running/jogging I'm going to measure a 5km flat course out and try to cover it soon so I have an idea of what kind of time I could realistically run it in. I used to be a very comfortable 6 min-miler but that was up until 2000 and I haven't run a distance event since then. It will be interesting to see if my sprint/quality work will enable me to run a half-decent 5 k time.
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