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Default Re: ~~~ Decebal's Boxing Promotion$™ proudly presents: The cross_trainer Special™~~~

A word as relevant as "Queensberry" should be spelled correctly. Thanks.

A twenty-first century professional boxer is now the heir to the Marquess of Queensberry era builders, themselves heirs to fisticuffs, or bare-knuckle boxing. The evolution of modern boxing can be traced to the nineteenth century superseding of the London Prize Ring rules under which, literally, no holds were barred, and bare-knuckled gladiators could wrestle and throw their way to victory, by Queensberry rules of gloves and regulations.

Early Queensberry champions such as Stanley Ketchell and Harry Greb still bore the mark of their gallant, hand-to-hand predecessors, yet, with the advent of ring geniuses who perfected their gloved craft as a foundation for lengthy and memorable title reigns, there would be no turning back. Every great champion has added to the heritage for future generations. And so, over the past century, a young kid in the gym with visions of greatness in his head, wanting to emulate his heroes, saw Dempsey’s left hook, Louis’ straight right, Duran’s ferocity, Ali’s ring generalship. In fact, Ali followed Robinson; Tyson followed Dempsey.

As it should be, amateur boxing has always been more regulated. But a kid with vision will know how to transition to the pros and find his own suitable style. A young boxer today can choose to follow in several noble paths: the safety-first technician or the vicious attack machine, a head hunter or body puncher, or the trailblazer of his own new era.
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