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Default Re: MonaroCountry's top 10 HW fighter

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
MoronoCountry's rankings have to be the worst I've seen on this forum.

Fedor loses his last fight, but is ranked 1st? That is just stupid. HE JUST LOST TO SOMEBODY! Fedor has to, at least, be below the person that beat him. It's not like Fedor lost a close decision that you think he won. FEDOR QUIT! Fedor was being choked. He would have died had that been a street fight, and nothing made Werdum let go. Fedor's life was in Werdum's hands, or legs in that case.
So lets put it this way.

Should these guys be ahead of Anderson Silva?
Ryo Chonan
Daiju Takase
Luiz Azeredo?

Simply because they were able to beat Anderson Silva and because Anderson Silva never beat them in a rematch?

Overated, I mean Overeem, number 2? Get the **** out of here with that ****. There is no way you can hold up his resume, read it off, and deliver that ranking with a straight face. That ranking could only be hand signaled by someone with Overeem's **** in that person's mouth. So far, Overeem is a potential force to be reckoned with. He may become as good as Morono thinks he is. He has yet to PROVE it.

Apart from Werdum and Fedor, who else has better ground game? and apart from Fedor who else has better standup? Would you consider him legit if he goes around beating up old retired people and beat up someone with no standup and ground game?

Werdum being below Fedor is just ****ing stupid.
Its ****en stupid to think otherwise. Again look at the Anderson Silva example. Just because a fighter was able to beat you doesnt mean that they deserve to be ranked higher than you. Or is this concept too complicated for you to understand?

Velasquez at 9? A win over Lesnar means nothing, because Lesnar came to prominence faster than you felt he deserved? As unskilled as he may be, defeating Brock Lesnar is a meaningful task.
Why is it meaningful when the guy literally shouted to the ref that he gives up, that the guy ran away like a girl, that a guy didnt know how to punch and kick, and that a guy hasnt shown any proper grappling skills. If Dana named Kimbo as the best and baddest man in the planet, I would think of him in exactly the same light as Brock........i.e. they dont deserve it.

Herring defeats Kongo, which had to at least keep him relevant.

Lesnar dominates Herring. Lesnar, fair or not, gets what is called a "title shot" against Couture. Lesnar beats Couture. Whether or not Lesnar deserved his shot, he still beat Randy and overtook whatever ranking Randy had at that time. Lesnar then avenges his loss against Mir. Mir was coming off a win over Nogueira. Lesnar goes on to beat undefeated challenger, Shane Carwin.

Lesnar is not a proven all time great, but he his noteworthy. It's not like Lesnar has ever lost to someone like Chad Griggs. It takes someone of note to beat him.

I may add more. I may not.
MMA roadmaps doesnt quite work out......again look at my Anderson Silva example.
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