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Default Re: MonaroCountry's top 10 HW fighter

Originally Posted by sugarngold View Post
No they shouldn't because following those encounters Anderson Silva rebuilt his rankings by winning the right fights and beating the top fighters whereas his opponents went on to lose their rankings due to their subsequent losses.
However, Anderson NEVER won against them and really just started winning everything when he only fought Zuffa fighters, since then he hasnt fought any Japanese fighters and as they say, styles makes fights and maybe the fighters that Anderson fought previously used styles that were more of a challenge to Anderson.

Fedor can rebuild his rankings most certainly but he just hasn't done it yet. If he stepped into the UFC tomorrow and beat Cain Velazquez he would be back on top but until he does so Cain is the man to beat at heavyweight.
Why is Cain the gateway for the number one spot? is it because he is a Zuffa fighter? Cain has inferior standup and inferior ground game to both Overeem, and inferior ground game than Werdum.

If your arguement was somehow valid then why hasnt Tim Sylvia regained his number one spot, why hasnt Barnett regained his number one spot, howe about Alex E etc ect? All of these fighters has been on a winning streak. OR IS THE RULES SOMEHOW APPLIED DIFFERENTLY WHEN ITS A ZUFFA FIGHTER?
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