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Default Re: MonaroCountry's top 10 HW fighter

Originally Posted by (PimpThaSystem) View Post
Only when I read your lame ass, Fedor nuthugging posts. I'm even not sure if you like MMA because all you do is verbally ******* Fedor and trash zuffa pound4pounders and thats about it. I'm sure if Fedor saw the way you obsess over him on message boards he would be very troubled indeed.

BTW your preaching to the choir when it comes to Brock as I never thought he deserved to be ranked #1. But to not have him in the top 10 and to have guys like Del Rosario, Gugenishvili, and Cormier ahead of him and other proven zuffa mainstays is just re****ed. Honestly it just looks like you were just struggling to find names for your top 10 that weren't Mir, Carwin, Brock, or Nog.

You dont rate those guys probably because their names havent been talked about by Dana White .

Those guys are as legit as Cain, has similar record, some have better background and some have even shown more skills. Again is these UFC fighters wont fight outside competition then we will never know how good they truely are, the only thing wee can rely on then is the skills shown by the fighter, their experience and records.
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