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Default Re: MonaroCountry's top 10 HW fighter

Originally Posted by monaroCountry View Post
You dont rate those guys probably because their names havent been talked about by Dana White .

Those guys are as legit as Cain, has similar record, some have better background and some have even shown more skills. Again is these UFC fighters wont fight outside competition then we will never know how good they truely are, the only thing wee can rely on then is the skills shown by the fighter, their experience and records.
You are an idiot.

You never know how two fighter's skill sets match up until they actually fight
. Trying to determine who has more skill between one guy who has been fighting legit contenders and another guy who has fought nothing but cans is a useless endeavor for obvious reasons. The difference between Cain and those other guys is that Cain has fought legit comp where those other guys are just racking up wins over guys who have records littered with losses.

The only unbiased way to do rankings is to rate by recent win/losses first, and older win/losses second. If you want to talk all time, then yeah Fedor is probably #1 but to call him #1 in current rankings when he got subbed in less than two minutes is ****in laughable.

Trying to discredit Frank Mir's win over Big Nog when Nog was the #2 Heavyweight in the world at the time is worse than discrediting Fedor's wins over Arlovski and Sylivia because of their subsequent losses. Like it or not Mir has wins over top heavyweights and deserves to be ranked in the top 10 more than guys like Bigfoot (win over Big Nog > win over Arlovski) and guys like Del Rosario, Gugenishvili, and Cormier (wins over Nog, Kongo, Cro Cop > wins over cans). If those guys get wins over some proven contenders then I'll have no problem ranking them but until then they are just big question marks.

And stop bringing Dana into this discussion. I told you I make my own rankings, I don't need Dana to tell me whats what.
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