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Default Re: MonaroCountry's top 10 HW fighter

Originally Posted by monaroCountry View Post
So lets put it this way.

Should these guys be ahead of Anderson Silva?
Ryo Chonan
Daiju Takase
Luiz Azeredo?

Simply because they were able to beat Anderson Silva and because Anderson Silva never beat them in a rematch?
Ugh no you shouldn't rank those guys ahead of Silva because those wins are irrelevant to the current middleweight division and Silva has been defeating top contenders on a regular basis.

Ryo Chonan isn't a middleweight anymore and lost to guys like Dan Henderson (who Silva beat) and Paulo Filho (who lost to Chael Sonnen who Silva beat) when he was.

Daiju Takase has lost numerous times to unranked fighter's since he beat Silva 7 years ago and clearly has no relevance to today's MW division.

Luiz Azeredo's win over Silva was controversial and it wasn't even at Middleweight. Plus it was a decade ago. Clearly not a relevant result.

Seriously Monaro I can't believe I have to spell this all out for you.
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