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Default Re: *** The B.J Flores express***

Bobby Sin, the mouthguard thing is something you can take with or without a grain of salt. If i see guys training with their mouthguards in i know they are seriouse about training its one thing you must do, hit the bags with it, running with it in etc.

Mouthguards restrict your breathing and wearing your guard during pad work, sprints etc is very very useful, to be honest i would be concern if he wasnt wearing the mouthguard because that would tell me he is either not very experianced or isnt seriouse about this fight. He is doing everything right so far, lets see how he goes in 3 days time.

Greens sparring partners have been questionable to say the least, i havent really had time to debate the issue and thus havent raised it but the two USA guys he is sparring are very adverage imo.
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