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Default Re: MonaroCountry's top 10 HW fighter

Ugh no you shouldn't rank those guys ahead of Silva because those wins are irrelevant to the current middleweight division and Silva has been defeating top contenders on a regular basis.
You mean top UFC contenders.

worst rankings ever!
Maybe you should post up your own ranking with your homeboy with a P tattoo as number 1 HW and a guy who defeated him at #2? These two are certainly unproven and havent fought the number of fights and relevant fighters from outside their own promotion nor have they even fought the best fighters from other promotions.

You never know how two fighter's skill sets match up until they actually fight.
Thats right you dont know, for all we know Cain could be outmatched by all SF HW. This is the problem with the UFC and their no co-promotion. The only legit way therefor to rank fighters would be on the skills they have showcased, the quality of their fights, and their record. So far Cain hasnt shown much ground game and hasnt shown the all round striking ability of Overeem. Brock hasnt shown much of anything.

And stop bringing Dana into this discussion. I told you I make my own rankings, I don't need Dana to tell me whats what.
Are you sure about this? Its funny the way you defend your BFF.
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