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Default Re: MonaroCountry's top 10 HW fighter

Originally Posted by monaroCountry View Post
You mean top UFC contenders.
LOL this makes me want to see your Middleweight rankings. They can't be worse than those piece **** HW rankings but I hope you surprise me.

Originally Posted by monaroCountry View Post
Maybe you should post up your own ranking with your homeboy with a P tattoo as number 1 HW and a guy who defeated him at #2? These two are certainly unproven and havent fought the number of fights and relevant fighters from outside their own promotion nor have they even fought the best fighters from other promotions.
You act like Strikeforce heavyweights are even fighting each other on a regular basis. Forget co-promotion, Strikeforce needs to get their heavyweights some fights in their own damn org.

Originally Posted by monaroCountry View Post
Thats right you dont know, for all we know Cain could be outmatched by all SF HW. This is the problem with the UFC and their no co-promotion. The only legit way therefor to rank fighters would be on the skills they have showcased, the quality of their fights, and their record. So far Cain hasnt shown much ground game and hasnt shown the all round striking ability of Overeem. Brock hasnt shown much of anything.
Different promotions or not, a lot of these guys have common opponents none the less. Enough so that guessing who has the better skillset doesn't have to come into play. If you want to do proper, unbiased rankings the only way to do it is to go by results. "What ifs" have no place in ranking systems.

I don't even know why I'm bothering to try to get through to you. You'll probably only respond to one line of this post and make the same asinine points you've been making this entire thread.

Are you sure about this? Its funny the way you defend your BFF.[/quote]

Haha now you just reaching. Hey howabout you start nut hugging on a fighter that fights more than just once a year? Maybe it will give you something else to talk about.

Peace out Morono****ry
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