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Default Re: DIMITRENKO/SOSNOWSKI - official dec 4th

Originally Posted by Kissan View Post
I don´t get it. I just read that Dimitrenko has received german citizenship. Now he wants to be the next "german" heavyweight champion after Max Schmeling.
C´mon guys. I´m puking.

"Dimitrenko ist seit zwei Wochen deutscher Staatsbürger und lebt seit neun Jahren in Hamburg. "Mein Ziel ist es nun, der erste deutsche Schwergewichtsweltmeister seit Max Schmeling zu werden."

"Dimitrenko lives in germany for nine years and is a german citizen for two weeks. "It is my goal to become the first german heavyweight champion since Max Schmeling"
What's wrong with that? There is no "The German" as we are livin in the heart of Europe and have a 2000 years history of immigration. But I welcome Dimitreko more as a lawyer than as a boxer. I think he wants to cash out for a last time and then start as a lawyer. Sosnowski will win. The Dragon has a lot of fire to breathe!
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