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Default Re: Training overhaul

Lower back still aching from the 100 snatches 2 days ago so couldn't do what I had planned: DB complex comprising swings, high pulls, snatches, clean and press, squats, 1 leg deadlifts.

Instead I just did burpees: 13 reps, rest for the remainder of the minute. Repeated 10 times for a total of 130 reps. It was a killer cos I had been on the rum and cokes the night before and I didn't have any breakfast before doing them.

At the moment I just have a 20 kg dumbbell which I find adequate for my high intensity conditioning work but my missus wants to buy me a kettlebell for christmas. I remember reading about them back in the late 90s/early 2000s. They just seem like a marketing scam to me. Anyone got anything to say, good or bad?
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