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Default Re: Training overhaul

Bog Cleaner, all my fitness markers/energy etc. are much better now as I train judiciously rather than just clueless volume. Also, something very interesting happened just over a year ago. I became a ****ing big fat **** very quickly even though I was doing brutal Ross Training stuff daily. I couldn't fathom it. I was eating well (according to conventional wisdom) and I wasn't boozing, I was resting well etc. Basically after 20+ years of high carb wheats, fructose, breads etc. my body seems to have become insulin resistant. It was the 40 degree summer here in Andalucia and I was eating a lot of watermelon (yep, that was the only change to my normal diet) and I blew up. I'm talking about people being open-mouthed upon seeing the fat ******* I had become (maybe a stone and a half of pure blubber). Anyway, my response was 2 hours of brutal boxing training 5 times a week. I shifted the weight but I was living in the gym and getting injured all the time. That's what prompted me to look into changing my life/diet etc. completely. The best thing I have done was stumble across some websites that explained why I had shot up in weight, why I had loads of inflammation issues etc (I always attributed my chronic injuries to a lifetime of training rather than the inflammatory foods I'd been shovelling into my body for years thinking they were healthy) and, long story short, pushing 40 I'm stronger and more robust than ever. I need a belt on 32 inch waist jeans for the first time in years and all this is through eating clean, minimal (but quality)training and sleeping well.

Haha, bit of an essay in response for you but I can't believe how well I'm feeling with this regimen.

As for the kettlebells I reckon I could get more or less the same benefit from a dumbbell complex to be honest.
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