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Default Re: Sergio Gabriel Martinez vs. Paul Williams II

Originally Posted by oli View Post
Big Paul will punish Martinez.

Then the closet gay retards who rate Martinez because they fancy him can **** back off.

Williams UD
Good call, man.

Originally Posted by Boxed Ears View Post
I wouldn't ever bet too much on this one. I have no idea what's going to happen. But I slightly favored Martinez in the first one and vBet that way and I feel the same way this time. If they fought ten times in a row, it wouldn't surprise me if they were all controversial decision endings.
...What I meant to say was, uh, ...uh....Eh. Whatever, give me my damn vCash.

Originally Posted by Swarmer View Post
Me neither. Plus the drain issue is relevant to the discussion imo
I was concerned about that too. ...But, not anymore.
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