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Default Re: Training overhaul

I have virtually eliminated sugar, grains and vegetable oils. I eat loads of good, fatty meats, fish, vegetables, cheese, butter and full fat yoghurt. 85% minimum dark chocolate if I want something sweet and red wine or whiskey if I fancy alcohol (once in a blue moon I'll have rum and coke or some poison like that but I suffer massively afterwards as I no longer deal with stuff like that very well).

I did a lot of research before embarking on this change of diet as I used to believe the lipid hypothesis about saturated fat-cholesterol-heart disease, just like everyone else. Now, after seeing my HDL go up, triglycerides go down, and that my LDL is mainly the fluffy type, (not to mention all the other health improvements eg inflammation issues gone, alcohol cravings disappeared, blood sugar stable and, therefore, not being constantly ravenous for the first time in my life, body composition that gets strangers stopping me on the street to find out my secret lol etc)I firmly believe that sugar, grain and vegetable oils were ****ing wrecking me. My wife eats the same way and she's dropped 3 dress sizes in 9 weeks now and her health markers are similarly improved.

Honestly, I'm never really hungry and I've always got enough energy to do my training (almost always in a fasted state that is something I could never do during my days of guzzling carbs). Because of being satiated with fat/protein I often only eat once a day(as opposed to the "keep your metabolism stoked with 6 meals a day" mantra) which means I have loads of time for other things and I never even think of snacking.

Here's a short vid about saturated fat that explains why we shouldn't fear it (or in my and my wife's case, why it can be your saviour)
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