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Default Re: Grigory "Pretty Boy" Drozd

This statement was made two months ago by German Titov.

"Many think Drozd is done as he is out of the ring for more than a year since his big victory over Darnell Wilson. This is wrong, however. Drozd isn't done and he plans a comeback in January 2011 somewhere in Russia. Grisha was out of boxing for a considerable span of time being fully involved into business and also resolving various issues outside the Sweet Science. But I talked to him and he said to me his fight instinct and his desire to beat the best in order to be the best was still here. So, Drozd is coming back and he targets only the cream of the cream in his weight class. After a couple of tune-up fights to shake off rust we shall go directly at world champions to bring Grigory the best possible opportunities."
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