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Default Re: So how many of you guys are MMA meatheads?

you know who i mean..kind of bulky guys (or trying to look bulky) with crew cuts shaved heads..or best of hawks?

I have short hair but sure as hell no mo hawk.

always wear an afflication shirt or tap out shirt? cant watch boxing without thinking to yourself "man he is wide open for a take down..."

I honestly do have 2 Tapout shirts they are pretty nice and comfertable dont wear often though. I was a boxing fan long before MMA and actually understand the sport so no takedown thoughts for me.

i almost respect the mma meathead that actually does mma..but then you get the ones who just try to look like it...wear all the mma clothing ****....maybe went to a mma twice.mostly just go lift weights...but then talk **** about how a boxer is so easy to take down

Rarely lift weights and never talk **** about boxers. Dont do MMA training often more its hard with school and work but I do alot of Jiujitsu have been for about 2 years now. Im a Bluebelt and recently won 1st in No Gi and 2nd in No Gi in a tournament.

yet they have no background to do any kind of fighting other then look bad and roll around with their buddies on a friday night.

I admitt sometimes when im out drinking ill drag a buddy to the floor and start whipping off armbars and chokes

I hope I dont fit the meathead bill.
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