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Default Re: So how many of you guys are MMA meatheads?

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
You actually do some legit marital art so that makes it less bad...basically it seems like your a bit meatheadish when you are drinking. That's ok, most people are dumb when drinking. As long as you are not wearing tap out shirts for everything I think you are fine.
Na I only drink maybe once every other month if that I live pretty clean. Smoke alot of pot thats about it but probably nothing close to be considered a pot head. Normally when I get drinking I have a good freind of mine whos got some Jiujitsu training in him to so its usualy it turns into 2 drunk novice to intermediate Jiujitsu guys rolling around on a carpet. The Tapout that is rare to I sure as **** dont walk around pushing it in faces "IMA UFC FIGHTER, ILL MAKE YOU (pointing at the shirt) TAP OUT" or some stupid **** like that
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