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Default Re: So how many of you guys are MMA meatheads?

I like my gracie barra shirts, I have a venom bjj shirt and a venom hat, I like alot of the venom stuff, affliction is ugly as **** and I'm not paying $110au for an ugly shirt and tapout just has too many douches wearing their **** for me to be seen in it.

But I really can't stand these roided up weekend warriors trying to act intimidating and sporting a tapout shirt because for me people can relate tapout to BJJ and 90% of BJJ practicioners are completely the opposite to this, some of the friendliest people I've met are animals on the mat and don't find the need to advertise that fact with "tapout"in huge letters across their chest.

But yeah every sport has douches, I wa at an amatuer boxing charity event a few weeks ago and their were plenty of ****heads in attendance.
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