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Default Re: Training overhaul

Started off with 10 x 3 sets of controlled bear-squat push-ups and 10 x 3 sets of strict divebombers.

Thrusters 20 reps x 3 sets with sandbag (maybe 20 kgs, so very light).

Overhead presses with sandbag, followed by hindu press-ups and OHP superset, dips with 20 kg backpack on.

*******s, didn't write down reps for the latter exercises but seeing as I'm not being super scientific about it all, suppose it doesn't matter too much.

Pretty hard session all in all. Will be concentrating on these sort of circuit-based things in future cos my achilles aren't feeling too clever when I try to run. Going to have to forget about the 5 km road race I'd been thinking of. Also thinking of looking into some form of power yoga to minimize impact on my joints in my training. I know it reeks of ****banditry but some of my mates swear by it.
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