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Originally Posted by apollack
Hart is after Jeffries. Working on Jeff now.

DO NOT buy any other bio on Fitz until you have read mine! Anyone who has read my books knows how thorough they are. You will not be disappointed by this Fitz book. It is actually my favorite one so far.

In the Ring With Bob Fitzsimmons
See contents below (excuse the formatting issues when transferring it here)


Preface: The Series Continues 4
1. Australian Boxing 6
2. The Underappreciated Middleweight 9
3. Fixing a Loss or Losing in a Fix? 32
4. American Appreciation 53
5. World Middleweight Champion 70
6. Testing the Heavyweight Waters 94
7. Exhibition Tour 112
8. Revenge 125
9. All Comers Exhibitions Resumed 148
10. Making the Challenge 156
11. Still the Middleweight Champion 172
12. Death and Delay 189
13. Boxing Versus the Law 213
14. The New “Champion” 230
15. The Championship Cloud 252
16. The Fix 266
17. The Fight After the Fight 309
18. Paving the Way, Predictions and Preparation 328
19. The Real Championship 374
20. The Films and the Controversy 401
21. Another Semi-Retired Champion 421
Appendix: Bob Fitzsimmons’ Record 434
Bibliography 453
Acknowledgments 456
Index 458
Great stuff, wish someone would do a book for the following..... Ezzard Charles, Jersey Joe Walcott, fritzie Zivic, a decent Harry Greb, Henry Armstrong, Pancho Villa and Muhammad Ali.......... JOKE!!!
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