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Default Re: Abraham would put Ward on ***** street

Originally Posted by realsoulja View Post
Froch tried not to get into the inside, and was caught with counter left hooks when he lunged in round 2/3. I said, if Ward tries to mix it up in the inside, he would be caught and put on ***** street eventually.
You're a moron. Ward can box, mix it up on the inside, he is the most versatile fighter in the super six. Against Kessler he was whipping Kessler from the outside and the inside. Ward was for most of his career a slick outside fighter. Only recently has he become a technical pressure fighter. And its not like Arthuir abraham can fight on the inside anyway.

And maybe end up crying like Dirrell, but Ward seems more of a man than Dirrell, so I think he wont cry.
Crying because he got hit with an illegal shot? What a scum bag you are. Michael Katsidis was crying last night is he a ***** too. Typical keyboard warrior.

I agree, but what I am saying is, AA was dealt with by Froch and Dirrell from far range. Ward is more of an inside guy, so I give AA a better chance because eventually Ward will be in range.
Watch the first 5 roudns against Kessler fool if you believe Ward is just an inside guy.
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