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Default Re: Abraham would put Ward on ***** street

Originally Posted by MichiganWarrior View Post
You're a moron. Dirrell was able to do it for 11 rounds and Ward is a stronger smarter fighter then he is. And a better boxer then Froch. 10 times the boxer then Froch is. You are a muther****in fool,

WTF. Dirrell won almost every round against Abraham and was only hit when he was on the ground because he's ***** hearted. What does that make your fat unathletic ass then *****?

There was no knockdown in round 10 fool. What fight were you watching.

And please I know you got a hard on for athletic black men, but stay on topic.

What does that have to do with Ward being the most versatile fighter in the tournament. Being able to fight on the inside and outside and proving it against a far more skilled fighter then Abraham who lost to the guy Kessler beat.

Tell me dumbass are you drunk right now?
Why you talking about hard ons? and *****z,

Its all documented here in this thread, you just happen to add that to a discussion about AA vs Ward. out of the ****in blue.

Your whole state Michigan is full of 90% pussies like Dirrell and Eminem, **** outta here man.

And **** Dr Shaw Hi aswell.
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