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Default Re: Abraham would put Ward on ***** street

Originally Posted by Ambition_Def View Post
Physically Ward and Froch are almost the same. The big difference is that Ward is much better defensively while Froch hits harder.

I don't think Abraham can win this for the main reason why he didn't win the Dirrell or Froch fights. If you hit his guard hard enough he will always be off balance and the pain will break him down. That's literally all Ward has to do. And you just know that for whatever power Ward might lack he will make up for in defensive posturing and grabbing.

Abraham needs someone like a Martinez who will give him some room and some spots to work. Someone who doesn't hit his guard hard enough to knock him off balance. This is why I think he should return to 160 and get some of these guys. 168 is just too strong.
Good points.

But I think him being forced off balanced by shots wasnt the major reason he lost to Dirrell and Froch.

I think the range was too much for AA to close down. Because he was swinging and missing against Froch who aint exactly quick.

The reason I think AA can do better in this fight is because he can take the fight to Ward. He couldnt do it against a quick tall rangy Dirrell, and couldnt do it against a tall rangy stonger Froch. But Ward has like an inch advantage in height and reach, and in terms of strength they may be same. Speed and defense favours ward, but AA can finish fights strong and has more expierience aswell.

Thats why I think this would be a more tougher fight than AA's 2 losses.

But still that is a valid point. AA was pushed back by Dirrell who aint as strong as Ward.
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