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Default Re: Abraham would put Ward on ***** street

Originally Posted by conraddobler View Post
What makes you think Ward couldn't rough up AA on the inside? AA of the high guard? Fight inside?

Sakio Bika is freakishly strong and threw about 100 hay-makers at Ward last night. None of them landed, because Ward has superb defense.

And Sakio Bika can fight on the inside. He's rather good at it.

But Arthur? Ever seen him fight on the inside?

Second, what makes you think Arthur would ever connect on Ward with one of his ridiculous, wide and looping hay-makers? Froch -- not known for his defense -- evaded them all night.
Some solid points.

I aint ever seen AA roughed up in the inside, but AA has a better chance if his opponent comes to him in the inside, than jab him off at long range.

This is why I think Froch will look better than Ward, with AA as a common opponent.

AA is a strong man, and has heart. And he aint exactly a haymaker puncher he has a good straight right, aswell as a decent left hook and when he aint being outboxed at long range, he can put togethor decent combos. I dont think AA will allow Ward to maul him in the inside, he would respond in the same way.

Ward's best way is to be in and out, and use angles with his better footwork. If he stays in AA's range for too long he will get hurt and put on ***** street eventually because AA carries his power to the final bell.
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