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Default Re: You have to KO Andre Ward to have a chance in OAKLAND

Originally Posted by Hitta_Squadup View Post
What difference does it make, he soundly beat every opponent he has faced, regardless of scorecards that are a bit off, not Kessler, Green nor Bika would claim they were robbed and actually won.

With the headbutting please it's all in the game and they are not intentional, if you can't stand the heat get out the kitchen it's boxing and it's not Wards fault his team has superior negotiating skills and has gotten all his fights at home, quit whinning and just continue to pray that he looses.
I cant believe your saying that...

When Ricky Hatton does it he is called a dirty fighter when Andre Ward does it people call him a technician and "adaptable", give me a break. Ward is a very talented fighter but it fustrates me no end that he goes about his work with some very unneccersary traits like the butts, the elbows and the holding to name just a few. It also ****es me off that he beat my favourate fighter but not for the conventional reason but for the fact he has most likely halted Kesslers career with the illegal use of his head and the ref let the little cheating **** get away with it.

Like a few have said you will have to KO Ward just to get a draw in Oakland and you will have to be KO'd by an illegal blow just for him to be deducted a point.
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