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Default Re: You have to KO Andre Ward to have a chance in OAKLAND

Referee Jack Reiss admitted that he saw Ward hit Kessler with 5 head butts. He claimed he did not take action because he thought they were accidental. The rules do not allow the referee to stand idle and do nothing just because he thinks a head butt is accidental. Reiss is an experienced ref who no doubt knows exactly what the rules are.

If the ref thinks a head butt is intentional, he can take a point without a warning, and he has the ability to take two points instead of one if he thinks it was particularly malicious.

In the case of accidental head butts the ref is suppose to issue a couple of verbal warnings. If it continues, take a poiint. If the fighter does not behave, take two points, and then a disqualifiaction.

Based on what Reiss admitted that he saw with his own eyes he should have disqualified Ward in the Kessler fight.

In the Adamek/Arreola fight Reiss did an outstanding job. In the Ward/Kessler fight he turned a blind eye to at least a dozen fouls. I wonder why?
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