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Default Re: You have to KO Andre Ward to have a chance in OAKLAND

Originally Posted by Reppin501 View Post
My question to anyone on this thread is which of these three fights, whether in Oakland, New York, New Orleans, or Little Rock, AR would Ward have "lost"? I mean honestly which of these fights did you feel Ward was beaten, if the answer is none...then who why do you give a **** where they fight or what the scores are, the bottom line is the right guy won in all three instances, would anyone disagree with that?
Thinks dont work so simply. Who knows, the fights may have been very different in a different location, the travelling fighter may be taken out of their comfort zone in lots of ways, surroundings, travel, food, unfamiliar circumstances, add to that very hostile crowds and officials who are usually leaning toward the home fighter, some fighters can handle this better than others but whatever the case its usually much tougher to get a result in your opponents backyard so to say someone will automatically have the same level of performance or win away just because they won at home it way off line imo
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