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Default Re: Bog Cleaner's Training Log

Read what you said about your goals etc and your approaching it the right way mate, good luck.

For your endurance/stamina and leg strength i'd suggest tabata squats and burpees back to back, twice, then do hill sprints or a steps circuit. this will be a killer at first and will take some building up but you get reasonably quick results from it and will find yourself cutting back on it and running more after a few weeks. i use them when i'm wanting to improve my CV for running.

For pull ups / chin ups, go with pyramid sets, 1 - 10 and back down (or 5's for chins/pull ups until you get a little better) and throw in press ups and sit ups or dips/hanging leg raises etc. if you add press ups and dips do them in 2's and sit ups/leg raises do in 3's ( 2,4,6 / 3, 6, 9 etc) this is something i always keep as part of my training no matter what i'm doing as it keeps me strong. build it up so you can go up to 30 and back down and you'll notice a big difference in your strength. switch the exercises around each week but don't change pull ups and press ups. just alternate chins with pull ups.

Hill walking with a heavy bergen is also good for building stamina, strength and endurance. if you cant get up onto the hills just find a load of steps and walk up and down them.
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